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'Where's Wally?' Guinness World Record Attempt Bank Wally-Day Monday 31st May

Monday 31st May 2010
Venue: Market Place

The second attempt by Great Yarmouth on Monday 31st May to set a Guinness World Record for the largest gathering of people dressed as the Where's Wally book character in one place fell short by 123 Wallies.

Having counted and recounted the number of submitted registration form and signatures confirming the names of individuals taking part in the day, Town Centre Manager Jonathan Newman admitted defeat, "We needed 1,053 to beat the existing record but despite a great turnout on Monday we counted just 930 registrations."

The climax of the attempt at setting a new Guinness World Record attempt took place soon after 1pm as everyone arriving in their Wally costumes of a red and white striped t-shirt, bobble hat and black spectacles gathered in the town's Market Place dancing and waving there arms to various photographers perched upon rooftops and window ledges whilst volunteers counted the registration forms to arrive at a total.

Although unsuccessful in setting a new world record the event raised nearly £1,000 for charities and provided a spectacular event that drew much needed crowds, including many onlookers, into the town centre.

The event was put on with the help of the staff of town centre businesses including Boots, Books Inside, Palmers Department store and Market Gates Shopping Centre. The assistance of those many people involved along with Heart FM and the Great Yarmouth Mercury helping to promote the event, and TMS Media for designing the eyecatching posters promoting the event, was greatly appreciated by Mr. Newman "Apart from not actually achieving the record, everything else went really well and it was all down to the invaluable assistance given by so many individuals and businesses."

 Check out the Facebook page Wheres Wally Guinness World Record Attempt Great Yarmouth for some great photo's of the event