Great Yarmouth Beer and Cider Festival 2018

The Great Yarmouth Beer and Cider Festival Guide

Please take a few minutes to read this guide and maximise your enjoyment of our event.

Where and when the Festival is being held

The Great Yarmouth Beer and Cider Festival returns to St Georges Theatre in June for a celebration of real ale, ciders, live music and World Cup Football! With a choice of over 50 different ales and ciders the 12th annual Great Yarmouth Beer & Cider Festival promises something for everyone when it opens for its first session on Thursday 21st June 2018. 

As well as a great selection of real ales and ciders the festival promises some great music with a fantastic line up of live performers plus World Cup football action on the big screen. Food, snacks and other drinks will be available in the Theatre Cafe.

The festival will open on the evening of Thursday 21st June from 5pm to 10.30pm and then all day from 12pm until 10.30pm on Friday 22nd June and Saturday 23rd June and a final lunchtime session on Sunday 24th June from 12.00pm to 4.00pm.

Entrance and glasses

Entry to the Great Yarmouth Beer & Cider Festival is by pre-paid ticket or entrance fee, advance ticket holders will receive priority at the entrance. Ticket prices are available from £3.00 to £5.00 depending on the session attended. On payment of the entrance fee, or exchange of a valid ticket, you will need to acquire a glass which will be on sale at the entrance and the charge is completely refundable on exit if you return the glass undamaged.

If you choose to keep your 2018 Festival glass as a lasting memento then a carrier bag will be provided to take it home in. 

Beer Tokens

No cash is taken at the bars so you need to buy TOKENS, which are available from the festival stall adjacent to the bar area. The tokens can be exchanged for a third, half or full pint of your chosen beer or cider, and the amount of tokens required will be displayed on each cask.

Beers and Ciders

Over 50 real ales and ciders will be available, many of them award winning brews selected from a host of brewers based in Norfolk and Suffolk. There will be over 35 different ales with a good choice across the range and styles of beer including Bitters, Pale ales, IPA’s, Gold, Amber and Blonde ales, Stouts and Porters sourced from the region’s top brewers including Adnams, Woodfordes, Panther, St Peters, Wildcraft, Redwell, Winters, Boudica, Ampersand and Great Yarmouth’s own Lacons and Tombstone breweries.

For cider drinkers there will be plenty of choice too with a range of traditional and vintage fare including Sheppy’s (Somerset) Farmhouse and Farmer Jims (Devon) ‘Rootin Tootin Cider’ plus a range of fruity variants including rhubarb, peach, mango, strawberry and lime and some returning Festival favourites including ‘Thundering Molly’, ‘Happy Daze’ and from Tombstone Brewery ‘Snake Oil’ and ‘Tumbleweed’.  

All the beers and ciders are selected by Beer Sommelier Day Harvey. Day will be on hand during the festival to discuss the selections and ensure that the beers are kept at their optimum over the weekend.

The beers and ciders will be displayed by Brewer/Producer at the bars. At the end of each cask or cider container will be a label indicating the name, price, type and strength of the beer. Tasting notes on all the beers have been provided by the brewers and are included on the back of the beer tokens.

We aim to have some beer from each brewery and cider maker available at each session. However, towards the end of the festival we may run out of some of the more popular beers and ciders.

Beer List 2018

Cider List 2018

Festival Food

There will a selection of food available from the St Georges Theatre pavilion where you will find some tables and chairs to eat your food comfortably.

FIFA World Cup and Live Music

During each session the World Cup matches will be shown on the theatre’s big screen above the stage. Following the evening live matches on Friday and Saturday live music will be provided from 9pm until close at 10.30pm  

Friday 22nd June - The Lovin' Handful

Saturday 23rd June - The Misfit Collective

Sunday 24th June 1pm - England vs Panama (FIFA World Cup) *showing on big screen* 

PLUS all World Cup Matches will be shown on the big screen (in the theatre) throughout the festival

Health and Safety

We ask you be aware of notices around our festival and ensure all spillages and breakages are reported to a member of the Festival staff immediately. In the event of fire an alarm will sound and festival goers should calmly make for the nearest exit. 

Pass Outs

Pass outs will be available at the discretion of Festival management but return must be made within 15 minutes of when the pass-out was issued.


Smoking is permitted outside in the fenced off area between the Theatre and Pavilion. Smoking and the use of electronic vaping devices is not permitted anywhere in the buildings and any one caught doing so will be asked to leave.


There toilets are clearly signed for both Ladies and Gentleman on each side of the Theatre and are also available in the pavilion Cafe.


Children are not permitted in the Beer and Cider Festival, entry is restricted to over 18’s only.


All of our festival staff are unpaid volunteers who will be wearing festival t-shirts. Festival stewards will be wearing high-visibility tabards. Some of the festival sessions will be staffed by local charities. It is their way of raising awareness of their particular causes and hopefully raising funds.

End of sessions

Ten minutes before the end of each session a ‘last orders’ announcement will be made and the bars will close immediately at the end of the advertised session time. Our licence is restricted to the advertised opening hours only. The terms of our licence do not allow you to leave the building with beer in your glass. Our staff will safely dispose of any beer you cannot drink. On exiting the building please respect our neighbours and leave the festival quietly.