Town Centre News

GREAT Yarmouth Borough Council is currently considering the results of a public consultation over plans to improve Great Yarmouth town centre over the next 15 years and make it more attractive for residents, visitors and investors.

The draft Masterplan, developed through an initial consultation last summer, illustrates how Great Yarmouth's unique and historic central spaces can evolve over the coming years to strengthen the whole town centre as a commercial and cultural hub, meeting the needs and aspirations of communities and the challenges all town centres face.

This is the longer term element of the borough council's Town Centre Initiative, which has already achieved much in just one year to boost footfall, spend and the local economy, including enhanced town centre events, better marketing, visual and environmental improvements, and a shopfront improvement grant scheme. 

The six key project areas in the draft Masterplan

·         Strengthening the Heart of the Town Centre

Objective: The heart of the town centre - around the junction of King Street and Regent Street/Regent Road - has regained its vitality with a range of new occupiers and operators including a leisure-based anchor, cafes, bars and restaurants

·         Improving the market and Market Place

Objective: Trade and custom in the 6- & 2-day markets is greatly improved, supported by new stalls and service facilities and by the newly-paved Market Place, which has created a beautiful setting for an expanded programme of outdoor events and for the improved frontages.

·         Transforming the Conge

Objective: The Conge is transformed, with new mixed-use development lining both sides of the lower half of the street, and the next phase ready for delivery connecting it to the renewed Marketplace.

·         Creating a sense of arrival at the train station

Objective: The setting of the train station creates a new sense of arrival and departure, and the first phase of new development around the station is ready for delivery, connecting it to The Conge.

·         Unlocking the potential of Hall Plain

Objective: With the 3rd river crossing near completion, there is significant commercial interest in refurbishment and new development on Hall Plain, and the council has already put in place guidance to ensure that existing buildings are conserved and enhanced.

·         Linking it all together

Objective: Wayfinding is improved across the town through key parts of the network of Rows, with footfall significantly increased and commercial vacancies significantly reduced