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Town Centre Master Plan approved by Borough Councillors

The Town Centre Masterplan aims to transform the town centre and improve links between different parts of it over the coming decade.

The ambition is to strengthen the town centre as a commercial and cultural hub, and meet future needs and challenges.

Shaped through two public consultations, discussions with partners and commercial testing, the core of the Masterplan is to build confidence, highlight opportunities, and secure investment, by setting out a clear vision, led by the borough council and backed by key partners in the community.

A partnership board will be set up between the key stakeholders to guide the regeneration activities and monitor plans and progress.

With £1 million of council money behind it, the masterplan is the longer term element of the borough council’s Town Centre Initiative to boost the town centre.

In a joint statement, the council’s political group leaders, Graham Plant, Kay Grey, Trevor Wainwright and Adrian Myers, said by 2025 there will be new investment and employment in the town centre generating renewed pride.

They added: “The public tell us that boosting the town centre is a top priority and we are responding. The masterplan represents a powerful statement of intent from the borough council and community to make a positive change, to work together and make a compelling case for investment, setting out commercially-realistic yet flexible ambitions, and highlighting the unique features that make our town centre so unique and valuable.

“These are big, challenging projects requiring significant investment and joint working, but we know they are deliverable and we urge everyone to remain positive and patient while work continues ‘behind the scenes’.”

During the public consultation in January on the draft masterplan, the council received more than 150 individual responses, with about 100 people attending workshops. Improvements made as a result of feedback include bringing forward the timetable of works for Hall Plain, expanding the station gateway project to include all gateways into the town centre and expanding the masterplan area to include the Minster.


The six key Masterplan projects are:


• Strengthening the Heart of the Town Centre

By 2025, the heart of the town centre – around the junction of King Street and Regent Road – has regained its vitality with a range of new occupiers and operators including a leisure-based anchor (for example a cinema), cafes, bars and restaurants.

• Improving the market and Market Place

By 2025, trade and custom in the six and two day markets is greatly improved, supported by new stalls and service facilities and by the newly-paved Market Place. Together with the improved frontages this has created a beautiful setting for an expanded programme of events.

• Transforming the Conge

By 2025, The Conge is transformed, with new mixed-use development lining both sides of the lower half of the street, and the next phase ready for delivery connecting it to the renewed Market Place.

• Creating a sense of arrival at the town centre

By 2025, the setting of Fullers Hill, Acle New Road, the roundabout, train station and quayside creates a new sense of arrival at this key junction of road, rail and water, linked to the new development on The Conge.

• Unlocking the potential of Hall Plain

By 2025, the council has adopted guidance to ensure existing buildings are conserved and developed appropriately. With the 3rd river crossing near completion, there is significant commercial interest in refurbishment and new development.

• Linking it all together

By 2025, wayfinding is improved across the town through investemnt in key parts of the network of Rows and streets, with footfall significantly increased and commercial vacancies significantly reduced.

The Masterplan can be read in full at