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Pubs, Bars and Restaurants reopen in Great Yarmouth


After the lockdown period has ended and with the Town Centre starting to reopen, the next stage is with Pubs, Bars and Restaurants. Although venues will be allowed to open from Saturday July 4th, the customer’s experience will be different to pre-lockdown normality.

As Pubs, Bars and Restaurants reopen their doors, a range of new measures will be in place to help ensure the safety of customers and staff alike. We’ve listed the most important considerations to be aware of, if you are planning a visit to your local or eatery this weekend or over the coming weeks.

(please note that the following is not an exhaustive list and individual locations may have extra measures in place to ensure the safety of their staff and customers)

  • There will be limitations on capacity – each venue will have a set limit of customers allowed in the premises at any one time. (dependent on available space, amongst other factors)
  • Many Restaurants will be catering for pre-booked customers only, and won’t be able to accommodate walk-ins.
  • Social Distancing will still be in place, this remains at 2 metres as an ideal. Where that is not possible, 1 metre plus additional measures is allowed, this may include wearing masks/visors, screens/shields at customer/staff contact points, amongst others.
  • Contactless payment methods will be preferred, and may be mandatory in some premises.
  • Venues will be encouraged to utilise table service where possible, and ideally assign one member of staff for a table.
  • Customers will be asked to wash/sanitise hands on entry and exit from the building.
  • Pubs and Bars are being reopened with the support of the NHS Test & Trace system, so your contact information will be kept for 21 days after your visit. (this is so that if you or another customer/staff member shows symptoms and were present at the same time, then the NHS can contact you to discuss further)

If you want to find further information on a specific pub, bar or restaurant,
check their website or social media pages for details, or alternatively phone them to check what measures are in place.