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Corona Virus (Covid-19) – Local Business Service Changes


We’ve been working hard at GYTCP to scan social media and other news outlets to stay informed on what changes businesses in Great Yarmouth town centre are
putting in place in response to the corona virus (Covid-19) public health advice. Which are open, which are closed, and those who have changed opening hours or even ways of trading.

Link to Google Sheet: 

It is a very challenging time for businesses as they adapt to the advice and guidance being provided by the authorities but also for consumers as they try to keep up with these changes.

With this in mind we’ve created a publicly accessible spreadsheet which we are encouraging local businesses to update whenever changes to their regular business
operations are made. As it is stored online, it can be updated and viewed at any hour of the day and most importantly by anyone looking for information on when and how they can access goods and services from town centre businesses.

If you are a shop, cafe, pub, restaurant, service or any other business reliant upon calling customers and you have made any changes to your OPENING HOURS, are CLOSED/CLOSING (either temporarily or permanently), please could you add your details to the attached spreadsheet so that GYTCP and more importantly, your customers have a centralised database of information.

It should only take 2 minutes of your time, and it will be openly accessible by anyone.

[PLEASE NOTE: GYTCP will receive a notification whenever a change is made and will be ensuring that the information is clear and correct]

We would be grateful if you could share this using your own social media platforms, so that the spreadsheet is as accurate and up to date as possible.

Link to Google Sheet: 

If you have any queries regarding this spreadsheet – please email

If you have further questions with relation to your business, please see